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Vivian Lewandowski
18:23 21 Jan 21
I can not say enough about how lucky this community is to have Dr. Guldan and his amazing team here to help with dental needs. He does a great job to help achieve dental goals and makes it as painless as possible. Elena, Heather and Marnie are an amazing team and they are all kind caring and professional. I felt very welcome going into their office. If you’re reluctant for any reason, give them acall. Meet with them, make an appointment and they will help you. Great health starts with dental health. I let mine go for far too long just because of life, working being busy...don’t fall into those excuses. Put yourself first. I allowed my dental health to get bad to the point I thought it would be hopeless. I was embarrassed to open my mouth for fear I would be judged because I was not confident in my smile. However, Dr. Guldan does AMAZING work and will help you. I am honestly so lucky I had a friend say go to him... and I had a tooth break in the front and said enough is enough it’s time to be an adult and go take care of myself! I urge you to all to see this man. He will change your outlook on life, quality of work is amazing and the entire team is just so nice. I won’t go to any other dentist. Never thought I would have a good experience at a dentist. THANK YOU DR. GULDAN AND TEAM!!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials dentist Winthrop, NY
Ann Roberts
20:50 22 Aug 19
Michael T. Gildan is one of the best dentist I have ever been to. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the experience. He is compassionate and caring and I highly recommend him to anyone.
114307615494839964028 Testimonials dentist Winthrop, NY
Bill Schamberg
00:55 02 Feb 19
Dr. Mike and I have been friends for several decades...I even worked for him in the mid nineties. I am most impressed with his dedication to his God, his family and his patients. Mike's years of experience have honed him into the understanding man he is today. I would recommend him to anyone. He knows his stuff. God bless you Dr. Mike...keep up the good work.
114307615494839964028 Testimonials dentist Winthrop, NY
margaret guldan
02:09 27 Jan 19
Dr. Guldan is an excellent!!! Dentist!!! With his many years of experience!! Like his father who also was an amazing family dentist.I admire is dedication to his practice, family and spiritual life,I find him to be an amazing dentist!! and agreat person!!Enjoy interacting with Dr.GuldanThank youMargaret Schmuhl
114307615494839964028 Testimonials dentist Winthrop, NY
Jim Guldan
17:59 26 Jan 19
Michael Guldan is my brother and worked with my dentist in Cudahy Wisconsin. To resolve an issue I had with a molar. Together they got me the relief I needed.He also did dental work on my two daughters who were 6 and 8 at the time. They said how nice he was and didn't hurt them.I highly recommend him!
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