Night Guards in Winthrop, NY

Discover the benefits of custom night guards to prevent teeth grinding while you sleep

Night Guards in Winthrop, NY | Michael T. Guldan, DDSDo you often wake up with a sore jaw, headaches, or tooth sensitivity? These could be signs that you are grinding your teeth while you sleep, a condition known as bruxism.

Night guards help those suffering from chronic teeth-grinding during sleep, otherwise known as bruxism. Night guards issued by your dentist are often the highest quality you will find as well as the most superior fit as they are made in a special laboratory from an impression of your mouth carefully taken by one of our dental experts.

This is normally a much more comfortable and reliable device than what you might find from an over-the-counter option. A night guard’s main function is to prevent the surfaces of your teeth from grinding together, causing you to chip and crack your teeth and strain your jaw muscles.

At our dental practice in Winthrop, NY, Dr. Michael T. Guldan is committed to helping patients protect their teeth and jaw from the damaging effects of bruxism with custom night guards. Experience restful sleep and peace of mind with custom night guards.

Why Choose Custom Night Guards from Our Dental Professionals

While over-the-counter night guards may be more readily available, they often lack the quality, comfort, and precise fit that a custom night guard provides. Here’s why custom night guards from our dental experts are the superior choice:

Personalized fit: Custom night guards are crafted from a precise impression of your mouth, taken by one of our dental professionals. This ensures a secure, comfortable fit that won’t shift during sleep.

High-quality materials: Custom night guards are made in a specialized laboratory, using durable materials that stand up to nightly wear and tear.

Optimal protection: A custom-fit night guard prevents your teeth from grinding together, reducing the risk of chipping, cracking, and other damage to your teeth.

Reduced strain on jaw muscles: By preventing teeth grinding, custom night guards also help alleviate strain on your jaw muscles, reducing the likelihood of developing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues.

The Process of Getting Your Custom Night Guard

Obtaining a custom night guard at our Winthrop, NY dental practice is a simple, straightforward process:

Consultation and evaluation: During your appointment, Dr. Michael Guldan will assess your needs and determine if a custom night guard is the right solution for you.

Taking impressions: We will carefully take an impression of your teeth to ensure the night guard fits perfectly and comfortably.

Creation and fitting: Your custom night guard will be created in a specialized laboratory, and once it’s ready, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure a proper fit and provide instructions for use and care.

Invest in Your Oral Health with Custom Night Guards in Winthrop, NY

Don’t let bruxism compromise your oral health and overall wellbeing. Protect your teeth and jaw with a custom night guard from Dr. Michael T. Guldan in Winthrop, NY. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how custom night guards can help you enjoy a peaceful, restorative night’s sleep.